Catherine Conway


Our services cannot be matched by larger department stores because clothing is what we do, and only that. We have the ability to create custom clothing at many different price points to fit all your needs… literally. We provide the best in modern style, quality and personalized service to some of the most discerning men.

Bruce Zuckerman

Executive Clothier

We continue to grow and evolve with menswear and the business world. Our latest evolution blends old world bespoke traditions with cutting edge technology. When you sit down with one of our Custom Clothiers you will be introduced to our Image Rendering Technology. With over 3000 suit fabrics to choose from we have the ability to render images of finished garments that illustrate button choices, thread colors, and style features.


6 Easy steps to the perfect Garment

1- Consultation

Our process starts with a one-on-one consultation. During this consultation, we will develop an understanding of a person's style, taste, and sartorial focus.

2- Select Fabrics

Based on your lifestyle and comfort level we will guide you through our extensive fabric selection to find something that works for you. Pattern, weight, and wear are a few of the considerations.

3- Style & Design

After the fabrics are chosen, we discuss style and design. Together, we will choose how each garment will be styled, including vents, pockets, buttons, linings, etc

4- Measurements

Our team of clothiers takes numerous measurements, including posture reads and shoulder slopes, to ensure an exceptional fit for every piece of clothing we create for you.

5- Fabrication

Once design options and fabrics are selected, tailors sew your garment to your specifications with individual finishing touches that make it uniquely yours. Depending on the fabric and “make” chosen, lead time can take 4-8 weeks for custom clothing.

6- Final Fitting and Delivery

Once the clothing arrives An appointment is set with you for an initial fitting to take care of any minor nips and tucks to ensure the correct fit.


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